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Chris Bond

General Manager/Director

Chris brings 30 years of executive experience across a wide variety of sectors in Australia, the wider Asia Pacific as well as other international markets. Chris is very effective at understanding the strategic drivers of a business and using his extensive networks to support global talent placements across the world.

Amongst other business sectors, Chris worked in the professional sports industry (AFL) for many years, creating and managing high-performance talent and creating high-performing environments to ensure companies exceed their long-term objectives.

Kalem Zuiderwijk

General Manager/Director

Kalem is an internationally experienced talent sourcing and recruitment professional with a demonstrated history of effective sourcing strategies and established networks. With extensive experience in Australia trade sectors, Kalem has a proven process to understand the underlying needs of a business and how their human resources strategy is designed to support the effective operation of companies.

Partnering with the world-class organisations to help source and place world-class talents is Kalem’s driving passion.


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